Welcome to our Wonderful World of Chows

We are good looking;
We are clever;
We are trustworthy.

We don't do competitions – because we don’t need to ….
We are the BEST!

The Chow Chow is an extremely ancient breed, and was originally used in China as a hunter and guard dog. On occasion, they were used for herding cattle and even pulling sledges. The Chow Chow is a massive, powerful and imposing animal with a dense two-ply coat, complete with a big ruff around the neck. The height of this majestic breed is approximately 46 to 56 cm. Their healthy weight range is from 25 to 40 kg.

The unique features of this lion-like dog include his blue-black tongue and gums, distinctive scowling expression and peculiar stilted gait. Independent, arrogant and curiously detached, the Chow Chow tends to be rather aloof and suspicious, and not prone to give his/her friendship lightly. However, when he/she does bestow his/her friendship upon you, you feel extremely privileged, knowing you have an ally for life.

Protective in the extreme, the Chow Chow makes an excellent guard dog. This pet tends to be a one person, or, one-family dog. The Chow is very strong-willed with a stubborn streak and a definite mind of its own. The Chow is therefore not the ideal subject for obedience training. Training and socialisation of this breed MUST begin at shortly after the 3 month booster injection.